Olive Oil Benefits

A 2018 review of laboratory studies found that molecules in extra virgin olive oil may help prevent or repair liver damage.

Alerya branded products consist of cold press extra virgin which we call “Olive Juice”, it is graded as a
prime and niche olive oil. Our main objective while producing this product is to make you feel and smell
the delicious olive flavor. In order to produce superlative and delicious olive oil, we prioritize that the
olives are harvested from fields with an altitude of 400 meters or above without damage and pressed
within 8 hours after harvest.
Polyphenols, volatile antioxidant components in olive oil, determine the quality of the olive oil and Cold
Press Extra Virgin Olive Oil has the highest content of polyphenols and antioxidants. During cold press
these components become less volatile and remain in the olive oil. Aler Cold Press Extra Virgin Olive Oil
is obtained with malaxing the green and mid-ripe olives harvested between 15 th September and 30 th
October at a maximum of 26 C o
FLAVOURED OLIVE OIL (Bitter Orange, Basil, Red Pepper, Thyme and Lemon)
We process flavored olive oil with the thymus and basil picked from Toros Mountains, Pepper from
Karaisali, a county famous for its peppers, and the bitter oranges and lemons grown in the fertile soils of
the Cukurova Region which is well known for its wide range of agricultural products. Different from
other production methods; Our flavored Olive Oil is produced by adding herbs and fruits to the olive
paste rather than mixing flavors to olive oil after the production. These olive oils allow you to truly taste
the mouthwatering Bitter Orange, Basil, Red Pepper, Thyme and Lemon flavor.
Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil, which has a maximum oleic acidity of 0.8%, is produced from ripe olives
harvested between October and January every year either by using harvesting machines or by hand. The
olives are pressed as soon as possible. During processing the olive paste’s temperature is always
maintained at 30 C o . With an eye to bring you the finest olive oil to your table, we put in our greatest
effort from harvest to processing and from filling to packaging, to present the olive oil to your liking. This
olive oil has an ideal pleasant taste suitable for both dressing salads and preparing a wide range of
meals. You will feel the olive oil’s richness in polyphenols and antioxidants once you taste it. Aler strives
to maintain a standard aroma, flavor and taste in each bottle.
The taste of this olive oil is well balanced with a delicate flavor gentler than that of Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
This category of olive oil preserves the flavor, aroma and vitamins of the olives. It can easily be your
favorite olive oil depending on your delights and habits. Its exquisite aroma and flavor simply enrich any
kind of dish. It is best suited for stews, frying and grilling.
Olive Oil is a blend of refined olive oil obtained from diligently produced olive oil, with good quality extra
virgin olive oil. It is well processed, thus has a harmonious taste. Our olive oil has oleic acid, of not more
than 1 gram per 100 grams and its other properties correspond to those fixed for this category in this
standard. This type of olive oil offers the taste of extra virgin olive oil at an economical price. It is good
for cooking and frying.
Olive pomace oil is the oil obtained by applying advanced refining techniques olive pomace. We make
sure the acidity content remains low and the taste is consistent. The oil adds flavor to the food. This
olive oil is the economic alternative to the other grades of olive oils. We can also mix the olive pomace
oil with extra virgin or virgin olive oil according to your desire to obtain a more preferable olive flavor