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Aler Oil Agriculture Food Incorportaion is a family owned business established in Adana, a province well known for its fertile lands and high-quality agricultural products within the Eastern Mediterranean Region. This land has been so valuable and beautiful over the decades. We are proud to be a part of this unique landscape and believe that we are a representative of this beautiful and important region and committed to present it as best as possible while we are producing each of our products.

High-quality agricultural products

Family owned business

Valuable and beautiful over the decades.

It as best as possible

"We export to 14
countries worldwide"


The Eastern Mediterranean region which can be perceived as Upper Mesopotamia has been one of the oldest olive growing region in the history.

In 2006, the government started giving incentives for the plantation of olive trees due to a governmental project. As a result the number of olive plantations increased tremendously. This is how we started our olive journey.
Even though we had businesses other than food, we were looking to get in food
industry. We made international as well as domestic analysis and evaluation of the olive and olive oil sector in 2007 and decided to start our olive orchard
project in 2008. We planted 23.000 olive trees on 740.000 square meters.
The orchard is well managed and is equipped with a drip irrigation system for not
only excellent irrigation but also exceptional fertigation.

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