An Olive Story

From garden to your table

Every single olive has a challenging and adventurous story, starting from flowering to fruit maturity, from the time the olive fruit is carefully harvested to the time it is processed, until it reaches your table as olive and olive oil. In this story, we grow each olive grain in the best way possible under natural conditions. After the olive is harvested and produced, we work with patience, passion and determination to end the story beautifully by making you happy when you taste the delicate flavour and naturality of the olives and olive oil.

"With perseverance, passion and patience
We export to more than 15 countries"

Our 3P rule to success

From garden to your table

We believe that our 3P rule, Perseverance, Passion and Patience, is the key to success. They must exist all together to reach our goal. Perseverance stands for holding on our principals and our dreams, and persisting on them even at tough times. Passion stands for the love we feel for our products starting from the fruit to the final product and for pursuing the information we need to improve ourselves. Patience stands for the time which must be given for the fruit to become mature and to be processed, for the relations we develop with our customers and for the objectives we want to achieve.