Red Pepper Stuffed Olives

The best olives are carefully harvested without damage and pitted. Afterwards, they are delicately hand stuffed with pepper, lemon or garlic. Our stuffed olives are one of our customers’ favorite products because they are a combination of flavors making them delicious and suitable for appetizers and mezzes.

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Lemon Stuffed Olives

Our lemon stuffed olives give you a memorable experience as you inhale the refreshing citrus aroma the moment you open the lid. A touch of lemon compliments the flavor of the olives by providing a subtle tart flavor. These olives make an excellent addition to cocktails or salads for that nice citrus flavor burst.

Garlic Stuffed Olives

These olives combine the flavor of juicy green olives and fresh garlic. The Garlic is stuffed in the pitted green olives to create a unique, crunchy and refreshing mouth-watering taste. These olives can be a wonderful treat to have around because they can be enjoyed in salads and pasta or as a snack by all ages.

Packaging Details