Food Safety & Quality Policy

From garden to your table

Aler produces topnotch table olives and olive oils in accordance to the production and quality principles of TS ISO EN 22000.2005 Food Safety and TS ISO EN 9001.2015 Quality Management Systems. Our products meet IFS Global Market Food standards. The Basic Principles of our Food Safety, social, environmental and Quality Policy are as follows;


Our company aims to supply products of high standard that satisfy the needs and exceed the expectations of our customers. This is achieved through a> continuously developing production line that optimizes the processes and resources at our disposal to attain the best quality possible.


Aler complies with all its legal commitments including environmental, quality and food safety. We make sure our production facility operates under good sanitary conditions by having a strict written hygiene policy our employees are required to comply with. The facility is regularly cleaned and undergoes regular sanitation inspections. These precautions are taken to protect the health of our employees and to sustain high quality production.


Aler commits to meet all the environmental rules and regulations through sound management practices like, improving operations to minimize pollution and disposing of waste safely and responsibly.


In order to build a trustworthy long-term mutually beneficial relationship with suppliers, customers and other interested parties we uphold the highest ethical values.


Aler’s management ensures sustainable production by having well motivated and hardworking employees who respect the ethical codes, laws, rules and regulations. Above all we safeguard the health and safety of each and every employee.


We give our workers opportunities to improve themselves through trainings and allowing them, if need be, to attend college while working with us. This nurturing builds the confidence and a strong bond between the workers and the management.